3 Years Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management (BHMCT)

3 Yrs Hotel Management course in Hyderabad

3 years hotel management degree 3 years hotel management degree in hyderabad.

The Bachelors Degree of Hotel Management course at Regency college Hyderabd combines core subjects and ancillary subjects covering the major functions of hotel management, to enhance professional and managerial skills.

3 Years Bachelors In Hotel Management And Catering Technology

Course Curriculum:


BHMT 101Fundamentals of Food Production3
BHMT 102Introduction to Food & Beverage Service2
BHMT 103Accommodation Operation2
BHMT 104Introduction to Front Office2
BHMT 105Elementary French2
BHMT 106Communicative English2
BHMT 107Hygiene, Sanitation & HACCP3
BHMT 108BTK-Inidan & Bakery-Lab4
BHMT 109Food & Beverage Service Lab-11
BHMT 110Accommodation Operation Lab-11
BHMT 111Front Office Lab-11
BHMT 112Basic Computer Applications 1

BHMCT Semester-II

BHMT 201Introduction to Continental Cookery3
BHMT 202Fundamentals in Food & Beverage Operation2
BHMT 203Accommodation Operation -II/td>2
BHMT 204Basic Front Office Procedures2
BHMT 205Communicative French2
BHMT 206Hotel Communicative English & Etiquettes3
BHMT 207Environmental Studies3
BHMT 208BTK-Continental Lab-II4
BHMT 209Food & Beverage Service Lab-II1
BHMT 210Accommodation Operation Lab-II1
BHMT 211Front Office Lab-II1

BHMCT Semester- III

BHMT 301Indian Regional Cuisine3
BHMT 302Beverages Service2
BHMT 303Linen & Laundry Operations2
BHMT 304Front Office Operations2
BHMT 305ELECTIVE-1(Discipline Specific Elective)2
BHMT 306F&B Management3
BHMT 307Principles & Practises of Mgt.3
BHMT 308Quantity Training Kitchen4
BHMT 309Beverage Service1
BHMT 310Laundry Operations1
BHMT 311Front Office Operations1

ELECTIVE – I: Discipline Specific Elective Course:

305/A –Production –Anthropology of food.

305/B–Service —Bar Management

305/C–Accommodation Operations–Trends in Accomm odation Operation

305/D–Front Office —Front Office Administration

BHMCT Semester- IV

BHMT 401Industrial Exposure Training16

BHMCT Semester- V

BHMT 501Advanced Food Production3
BHMT 502Advanced Food & Beverage Service3
BHMT 503Interior Design & Flower Arrangements2
BHMT 504Front Office Accounting Management2
BHMT 505ELECTIVE-II(Intra Discipline)3
BHMT 506Hotel A/C & Financial Mgt.2
BHMT 507Introduction to Research in Hospitality & Tourism2
BHMT 508Advanced Food & Beverage Services Lab4
BHMT 509Advanced Food & Beverage Services Lab1
BHMT 510Interior Design & Flower Arrangements Lab1
BHMT 511Front Office Accounting Management1

ELECTIVE – II: Intra Discipline Elective Course:

505/A — 1. Bread Art

505/B — 2. Cruise line Operations & Gallery Familiarization

505/C — 3. Visual Foods

BHMCT Semester- VI

BHMT 601Larder & kitchen Management3
BHMT 602Food & Beverage Service Management3
BHMT 603Accommodation Operations Management2
BHMT 604Front Office Management2
BHMT 605ELECTIVE-III(Open Elective)3
BHMT 606Hotel Facility Planning3
BHMT 607Larder Kitchen Lab4
BHMT 608Banqueting & Cold Buffet Lab1
BHMT 609Project Report2


ELECTIVE – III: Open Elective Course:

605/A — 1. Labour & Food Laws

605/B — 2. Hotel Engineering

605/C — 3. Customer Relationship & Retail Management

605/D — 4. Entrepreneurship in Food Industry

“Food & Beverage Service “

From the very definitions of “Guest” and “Service,” we immerse our students in the intricate world of Food & Beverage Service operations. Our approach is not just about guest interactions and satisfaction; it encompasses the entire spectrum, including the technical aspects of planning, budgeting, goal setting, and fostering effective teamwork.

First Year: Building the Foundation:

In their first year, our students embark on a journey that lays the solid groundwork for their future careers. Here, they delve into understanding the different types of equipment used in the industry and how to leverage them effectively. We emphasize maintenance practices and provide a solid foundation in the basics of fine dining service. 

Second Year: Expanding Horizons:

As they progress into their second year, our students broaden their knowledge and expertise. They are introduced to the world of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, learning not only how to prepare them but also the art of impeccable service. Additionally, our curriculum includes organizing theme-based events, embracing both national and international ethnicities. 

At Regency College, we take pride in nurturing the next generation of professionals who not only understand the intricacies of Food & Beverage Service but also possess the skills, knowledge, and passion to excel in this dynamic industry. Our holistic approach ensures that our graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges and exceed the expectations of the ever-evolving hospitality sector. 

“At Regency College, Mastering the Art of Culinary Craftsmanship”

BTK – Basic Training Kitchen (1st Year)

In their first year at Regency College, our aspiring chefs step into the world of Gastronomy through our Basic Training Kitchen (BTK). Here, they begin their culinary journey by immersing themselves in the fundamentals. From mastering kitchen etiquette to becoming familiar with a wide array of kitchen equipment, ingredients, and cooking methods, our students gain the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the culinary arts. They learn the art of meticulous planning, crafting basic Continental and Indian menus, and upholding the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. BTK is where the foundation for their culinary prowess is laid.

QTK – Quantity Training Kitchen

In the Quantity Training Kitchen (QTK), we take our students on a delectable journey through the diverse and rich tapestry of Indian regional cuisines. Here, the focus is on quantity cooking and producing quality dishes suitable for banquet and buffet operations. Beyond honing their culinary skills, we instill the value of teamwork as an integral part of the student mindset. QTK equips our students to cater to large gatherings with precision and finesse.

ATK – Advanced Training Kitchen

Our third-year students take their culinary expertise to the next level in the Advanced Training Kitchen (ATK). With a 20-month Industrial Exposure Training program under their belts, these students approach their culinary craft with a decision-making attitude. ATK is where they evolve into creative thinkers and producers. Here, they have the unique opportunity to refine their culinary skills under the expert guidance of our faculty. They are exposed to specialty cuisines from around the world, enhancing their ability to innovate and excel in the global culinary landscape.

Baking Excellence

At Regency College, we’re passionate about the art and science of baking. Our bakery is designed to immerse students in the world of creating delectable pastries, bread, cakes, and confections. 

“Crafting Culinary Artistry: Regency College’s Garde Manager Program”

Unlocking the Art of Garde Manager

At Regency College, we understand that the culinary world extends far beyond the hot stoves and bustling kitchens. Our Garde Manager program is designed to immerse students in the art of cold kitchen culinary expertise. If you have a passion for precision, presentation, and the creative side of culinary arts, this program is your gateway to mastering the world of garde manger.

The Creative Edge

Creativity is at the heart of Garde Manger, and we encourage our students to explore their artistic side. From edible centerpieces to intricate canapés, our program nurtures culinary creativity while instilling a strong foundation in traditional techniques.


At Regency College, our commitment to culinary excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art training kitchens and the comprehensive curriculum we offer. We nurture aspiring chefs to become industry-ready professionals with the expertise, creativity, and teamwork skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of culinary arts. Join us on a culinary journey that will unleash your potential and transform your passion into a successful career.

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