Courses in Hotel Management at Regency College

1. Three Year Degree in Hotel Management: Embark on a comprehensive journey in the dynamic world of hospitality with our esteemed 3-year degree program in Hotel Management, affiliated with Osmania University. Tailored for students who have successfully completed their 12th-grade education, this program offers a holistic approach to hotel operations, leadership, and guest services. the above mentioned qualities are well coverd in our curriculum is crafted to meet global standards, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for diverse roles in the international hospitality sector.  The Courses in Hotel Management at Regency College are perfect for any student who complited 10+2

2. Three Year Degree in Culinary Arts: Indulge your passion for culinary excellence with our 3-year degree program in Culinary Arts, affiliated with Osmania University. Crafted for students who have completed their 12th-grade education, this program combines theory with extensive hands-on training. Our curriculum adheres to global standards, providing graduates with the skills and creativity needed to excel in the competitive culinary landscape.

3. 18-Month Culinary Basics Course: For those eager to kickstart their culinary journey early, our 18-month Culinary Basics Course is the perfect foundation. Open to students who have completed their 10th-grade education and above, this program focuses on essential culinary skills, kitchen management, and the art of gastronomy. Affiliated with SBTET, this course ensures that budding Chefs have a solid understanding of culinary fundamentals, meeting both national and international standards.

At Regency College, our commitment to excellence extends beyond borders. Our programs are designed to not only meet the rigorous standards set by Osmania University and STBTET but also align with global benchmarks, preparing our students for success on the international stage. Explore the possibilities, discover your passion, and join us on a journey of culinary and hospitality excellence

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