Founder Chairman
Late Mohd Jafer

Founder Chairman

Founded by the late Mohd Jafer, Regency College of Culinary Arts & Hotel Management embodies a vision to promote knowledge and growth. Recognized by the Government of Telangana and affiliated with Osmania University, our institution, established in 1994, offers three-year programs in Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. With a focus on academic excellence, our students consistently excel in examinations and secure placements in prestigious organizations worldwide. Our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated faculty position us at the forefront of the academic landscape, aligning with Lord Tennyson’s enduring words: “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
Mohd Fathe Khaleq


Regency College, a premier institution for hotel management, is committed to surpassing expectations. As we enter a new year, anticipate unparalleled achievements in student engagement, academics, and transformative impact on their aspirations. In a world driven by “Talent, Trade, Tradition, Tourism & Technology,” we believe champions are crafted through perseverance. Regency inspires students to dream big, face challenges, and embrace growth. Together, we navigate an ocean of opportunities, fostering a community that nurtures talent and propels collective advancement.
Mohd Fathe Ilyas


At Regency College, we believe education fuels personal and professional growth. Our vision is to cultivate an environment fostering passion exploration, skill development, and dream achievement. Through rigorous academic programs, hands-on training, and ethical values promotion, we equip students for success in their chosen fields. Committed to adapting to industry trends, embracing technology, and staying at the forefront of culinary arts and hotel management education, we encourage students to actively engage, seize opportunities for growth, and become well-rounded individuals contributing to society.
Peri Ramesh Kumar Reddy


At Regency College, our mission is crystal clear: to provide a world-class education fostering knowledge, skills, strong character, leadership, and commitment to excellence. Positioned at the forefront of the dynamic culinary arts and hotel management field, we pride ourselves on preparing students for modern challenges. With experienced faculty, hands-on learning, and state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure graduates meet evolving industry demands. Join us at Regency College, explore programs, and seize the opportunities for a successful and fulfilling educational journey.
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