Culinary Basics Craft Course Curriculum

Embark on a journey of culinary mastery with our 18-Month Culinary Basics Craft Courseā€”a blend of skillful creativity and hands-on practical experience. This course is tailored to instill professional competence in culinary skills essential for commercial Food Production Operations.

Admission Eligibility:

Students who have successfully completed their matriculation are eligible to enroll in this 18-month program. During the initial 12 months, student chefs dive into the intricacies of cookery and kitchen organization.

Diploma Program Overview:

The program equips students with fundamental specialization areas, providing extensive hands-on training in college kitchens and laboratories.

Course Highlights:

  1. CU-101: Basic Culinary Skills Hot Kitchen-I (Indian & Continental Cookery)

    • Gain comprehensive knowledge in kitchen management, cooking methods, and the importance of nutrition.
    • Explore Indian Gastronomy, including food costing, soups, stocks, salads, and continental dishes.
    • Develop menu planning skills with a focus on nutrition.
  2. CU-102: Basic Culinary Skills Pastry & Bakery-II

    • Acquire professional competence in baking skills essential for commercial bakery operations.
    • Understand bakery workings, layout, raw materials, ingredients, leavening agents, bread making, chocolates, and various types of cakes.
  3. CU-103: Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation (Safe Food Handling Procedures)

    • Cultivate an attitude for personal and environmental hygiene.
    • Learn safe food handling procedures, waste disposal, and garbage management.
    • Gain awareness of HACCP policies and principles for hazard control.
  4. Practicals (CU-104, CU-105, CU-106):

    • Experience hands-on training in hot kitchen culinary skills, pastry and bakery, and communicative English.
    • Focus on continental menus, authentic ethnic cuisines, and carving skills for fruits and vegetables.
    • Explore a variety of bakery products, including bread rolls, puddings, tarts, and cakes.
  5. CU-107: Communication

    • Develop communicative English skills for reading, writing, and addressing.
    • Learn how to write indents and emails, enhance face-to-face communication, and participate in seminars and conferences.
  6. CU-108: Industrial Training (6 Months)

    • Apply learned skills during a comprehensive 25-week industrial training program.

Embark on this transformative culinary journey where theory meets practice, and excellence is the cornerstone of your culinary arts education. Join Regency College and shape your future in the dynamic world of culinary arts and hotel management

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