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Title: A Glimpse into Excellence: Novotel Hotel Tour by Regency College of Hotel Management "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin The journey towards excellence in the hospitality industry begins with instilling positive attitudes, mastering etiquette, cultivating confidence, handling work pressure, and mastering time management. The Regents of Regency College of Hotel Management, recognizing these essential qualities, embarked on a unique opportunity as part of their curriculum – a tour of Novotel HICC. Exploring Novotel HICC: Accompanied by Mr. Manikanta, the Learning and Development Manager, 75 Regents delved into the intricacies of the hospitality world. The tour provided insights into the experience of a twin room, highlighting amenities such as closets and safety lockers that cater to the needs of Novotel guests. Novotel boasts a universal pool, children's pool, adult pool (4 feet deep), and recreational areas equipped with games like chess, carom, ludo, a gym, and a spa. Highlights of the Tour: Novotel's commitment to sustainability was evident throughout the tour. The hotel utilizes food waste for composting, grows its own produce, and prioritizes organic farming awareness through its Millet Bank initiative. Safety is paramount, with 7200 smoke detectors and 16 fire exits ensuring swift evacuation in emergencies. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) linked to Cyberabad police underlines the hotel's dedication to guest well-being. Takeaways from Novotel: The interaction with Mr. Manikanta provided valuable insights. His anecdote about the stone and sculpture served as a metaphor for personal and professional development – just as a stone must be shaped to become a revered sculpture, individuals must face challenges to excel in the hospitality industry. Novotel, beyond its exceptional services, prioritizes guest safety and anticipates their needs, exemplifying a proactive approach even in emergencies. Conclusion: The Novotel Hotel tour wasn't just an excursion; it was an educational journey. Students like S.D. William Tandyal, a BHMCT 1st-year student, gained a profound understanding of the industry's nuances. Novotel's commitment to excellence and sustainability left an indelible mark, reinforcing the idea that true education extends beyond textbooks. This tour wasn't merely about witnessing the grandeur of Novotel; it was a lesson in the art and science of hospitality – a cornerstone in the education of future industry leaders at Regency College. As these students carry their newfound knowledge forward, they embody Benjamin Franklin's wisdom, realizing that the dividends of investing in education are immeasurable. Regency College of Hotel Management - Shaping Future Hospitality Leaders.
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