Emerging Housekeeping Trends Shaping the Hotel Industry


article by riteesh-from-regencyTrends in Housekeeping in hotel industry, defined as the provision of a clean, comfortable, safe, and aesthetically appealing environment, stands as the backbone of any hotel. Despite generating less revenue compared to other hotel departments, housekeeping plays a pivotal role in maintaining the overall quality of the establishment. Technological advancements have spurred various trends in housekeeping practices over the years.



Latest Trends:

  1. LED Lighting:

    • LED lighting has revolutionized hotel operations by reducing electricity costs and overall expenses. With a longer lifespan and energy efficiency, LED lights are now a standard choice for sustainable hotel practices.
  2. Plunge Pools:

    • Plunge pools, designed for lounging and cooling off rather than swimming, have gained popularity for their lower cost, smaller size, easier maintenance, and reduced water requirements.
  3. Hotel Linen Tracking System:

    • Efficient linen management is critical for hotels to avoid high operational costs. Key players like Key Tone have introduced RFID technology to track and manage linen, providing detailed dispatch information. This innovation aids in effective housekeeping, particularly beneficial for large-scale hotels.
  4. Hospitality Tray:

    • Hospitality trays with compartments for coffee, tea, and other essentials have become standard in hotels. Equipped with an electric kettle, cups, saucers, and spoons, these trays allow guests to prepare their preferred beverages.
  5. Vertical Gardens:

    • In response to urbanization’s adverse impact on vegetation, hotels are embracing vertical gardens. These space-efficient gardens not only enhance the hotel’s aesthetics but also contribute to environmental sustainability.
  6. Green Practices:

    • Hotels are increasingly adopting green practices, such as waste reduction, the use of organic amenities, and the integration of renewable energy. These initiatives align with the growing environmental consciousness among guests.

Conclusion: As housekeeping continues to evolve, embracing these trends ensures hotels stay at the forefront of industry standards. Riteesh Jasti, Regency College of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, recognizes the importance of staying abreast of these innovations for future hospitality professionals.

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